Artist Profile: Jared Betts

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Jared Betts, “Untitled” from the series Pictus, 5’ x 7’, 2019.

Jared cites the abstract expressionist movement of the 50s and 60s as another source of inspiration. Cy Twombly’s scribbles, Jackson Pollock’s action painting, and Mark Rothko’s colourfield compositions were particularly helpful while Jared worked towards losing the figurative aspects in his own paintings in order to focus on colour application. Jared’s contemporary palette, however, inspired by 80s fashion, cyberpunk, anime, Disney, and Dr. Seuss, firmly grounds his work in the 21st century. Jared explains, “I’m using a lot of colors that people tend not to use in the East and that makes me even more excited to use them.”▪︎

Jared Betts is an abstract artist from Moncton, NB, Canada.


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